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“From Adamant to Atchafalaya” CD



Product Description

In 2002, I recorded a CD entitled “Steel String Americana”, as my attempt to honor the legacy of my guitar heroes. Then, in 2005, I released a CD entitled “Roots and Branches”, in order to continue my homage to that legacy, and hopefully sprout a few new buds in the process.

I envision this CD as “Volume 3” of a trilogy. In this 3rd one, I’ve tried to envision musical settings in which the iconic styles of the early “roots” pioneers might sit side-by-side with the more modern jazz, electric blues, lap steel, and fingerstyle players who followed in their wake. After all… Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang famously played together, as did Blind Blake and Johnny Dodds, Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong, and Chet Atkins and Django Reinhardt. Why not stretch a bit further, and imagine a band in which Bill Broonzy, Doc Watson, Charlie Christian, Tampa Red, Elmore James, Otis Rush, Ted Greene and Bill Frisell could all sit in, and play a tune?

If that sounds like a set that you’d like to hear… then I sincerely hope you enjoy this CD!


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