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“Roots and Branches” Individual CD



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“Few pickers work from as broad a stylistic palette as Paul Asbell. His latest album includes stunning interpretations….(and) a keen ear for timbral shading. …his remarkable picking takes center stage. Exquisite 6-string sounds.”
Guitar Player magazine, June, ’05 issue, “Rants and Raves” 

“Asbell’s virtuoso solo performance pays homage to his amperaged Chicago roots while presenting his daunting skills…. Though no where near as well known as Leo Kottke, Duck Baker, Roy Bookbinder or the late John Fahey, Asbell’s consummate mastery of blues, folk, early jazz and olde-timey music warrants his name being mentioned in the same breath as his esteemed predecessors.”
Dave Rubin, CD Review

“Asbell lays down intricate, pianistic patterns…yet keeps a serious blues feel going. (His) dexterity… and imagination… are evident throughout…. Bolstered by high, clear vocals, the music is evocative and brilliant.”
Blues Revue, Oct/Nov 2005, review by Tom Hyslop


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